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ST John Caribbean Paradise -

St. John’s Caribbean Affair to Remember

We’ve always said that Mooncottages and St. John’s Caribbean ambiance was magical and that the view from high up on this verdant Caribbean hillside reminded us a lot of the feeling you get when you watch the classic movie “An Affair to Remember.” Is it just us, or are we the only suckers for romance around the holidays? Deborah Kerr said, “… there’s something about this place that makes you want to whisper.” We agree … but, we personally get pulled into a rainbow of other emotions as well. Among these feelings on this holiday weekend is how honored we have been to be the magical Caribbean getaway where so many couples wanted to reunite and reconnect their love. Or get away and discover it for the very first time. And, this was the whole idea of St. John’s Caribbean dream of Moonocottage from the very beginning – a place to feel like you were always on a Honeymoon. But, the next time you’re feeling in need for something a little wistful, watch this classic movie with someone you love. Put your toes together underneath a blanket and let us know what feelings come up for you. We hope you’ll feel like coming back to visit us someday soon. Happy Holidays!