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Unforgettable Family Vacations in the Dominican Republic

Unforgettable Family Vacations Made Easy

In the Dominican Republic, unforgettable family vacations or https://www.mooncottage.com/dr-villas/family-vacations-private-togetherness. You’ll find the best adventures and most relaxing times for your entire family.

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See How Close the Beach Is 

Spectacular, family vacation adventure getaway in the Dominican Republic you’ll never forget. Relax and play on world-famous pristine beaches. Swim in stunning turquoise waters. Learn Kite Surfing from experts. Guide your ATV through the island’s unmatched lush interior and meet local residents. Cavort with trained dolphins. Explore exotic caves with mysterious underwater pools where pirates once hid. Raft down mighty rivers through stunning, high canyon-walls. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll find everything you need. Most importantly, you’ll build family memories that will last a lifetime. Oh, the places you’ll go! The adventures you’ll have! The stories you’ll tell!

Parque Ecolologico Historico Cuevas - Dominican Republic

Parque Ecolologico Historico Cuevas

Book an ATV Tour

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, please. Don’t forget to buckle up. Road Trip! In your all-terrain vehicle, you and your family are about to explore the scenic back roads of the Dominican Republic. Behold extraordinary close-up views of untouched natural beauty. You’ll see rugged highlands and mountains everywhere you look. You may even see a wild turkey or two. During Off-Road excursions, you’ll discover rivers, secluded beaches, and stop to swim. Congratulations. You’ve seen places you’ve never seen before.

Swim with Dolphins

If you love close encounters of the wildlife kind, visit Ocean World. You will meet remarkable sea creatures face to face. Ocean World provides dolphin, sea lion, and friendly shark “encounters.” Imagine your entire family swimming, hugging, petting, feeding, and kissing (optional), the sea creature of your choice. An unforgettable once in a lifetime experience awaits your family at Ocean World.

Raft in Jarabocoa

Setting off from Jarabocao into the white water of the Rio Yague del Northe Rivers is pure adventure. For the thrill-seekers in your family, speeding down rip-roaring rapids is a definite thrill. However, in some cases, due to safety concerns, age restrictions will apply. As a testament to just how exotic the area is, parts of Jurassic Park were filmed in this location. You’ll see why yourself. Remarkable scenery abounds. There are cascading waterfalls, thousands of lush ferns, valleys, and gorges. A full day raft trip is the best way to go.

Swim, Surf and More

If your family loves water sports, you’ll fall in love with the world-famous, beautiful Cabarete beaches. Here, you can swim, surf, kayak, paddleboard, bodysurf, kitesurf, and snorkel. You’ll also find always other fun things to do at Bozo Beach, Punta Goleta, Encuentro, Kite Beach, and Cabarete Beach. Or visit other beaches. Playa Diamante, for instance, is excellent for smaller children. It has calm, shallow waters and only a few waves. Of course, always follow water safety rules.

Kite Beach Cabarete DR

Kite Beach Cabarete DR

Other Reasons Your Family Needs a Vacation

Just in case that special someone needs convincing, here are a few additional reasons to choose the Dominican Republic for your family vacation.

  • Vacations can reduce stress for the entire family, especially parents. Imagine your first day on our beaches as you watch a sunrise. The sight will fill you with awe and calm.
  • Travel provides plenty of time for families to spend together. Exploring caverns, swimming with dolphins gives you a chance to enjoy each other’s company.
  • A vacation makes your kid smarter. Wow. Child psychiatrist Margot Sunderland says family vacations that provide children with rich learning environments give them new social, physical, cognitive, and sensory experiences. So when parents spend time with their kids exploring the Dominican Republic on an ATV, the experience makes them smarter.

Where do I stay when I vacation in the Dominican Republic?

 Why not stay on Kite Beach with a beach getaway from Mooncottages | Waves DR? I did. I loved it. Or … why not JOIN OUR MAILING LIST

Fun Couples Getaways

Fun Couples Getaways in the Dominican Republic are sublime here. Waves DR is the ultimate luxury destination for beachfront Caribbean honeymoons, anniversaries. Or for adventuresome couples looking for a spicy getaway in paradise to celebrate being together. Come with other couples or family members if you wish to share in the pleasure (and the expense:)

Many Couples Getaway Options

Our couples’ properties are 2-8 bedrooms. But, Villa Azul is like having your Own Private ” Mini” Beach Resort.  Click for the 3-D virtual tour. Smaller is Safer for friends and family!

Your carefree experience begins with your VIP Arrival at the closest airport, Puerto Plata (POP). Or arrive at Santiago (STI), or Santo Domingo (SDQ). Watch the sunrise every morning on the beach—right outside your door. Or from your private balcony or lanai. Tell your private chef what you’d like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, prepare yourselves to be wowed with each made-to-order meal.

Couples Luxury

Our intimate and exclusive couples getaways feature luxury accommodations so comfortable you may not want to leave the premises. But when you do want to explore, there are so many fun things to do. Check out our FUN excursions.  Luxuriate in your own unique accommodations equipped with WiFi internet, satellite TV, and refrigerator. And a beautiful pool is always there to cool you off anytime. Want to go exploring? Your concierge will help arrange a fun excursion that’s just right for you. And your private driver will take you there and back, freeing you to just sit back and enjoy the lush Caribbean scenery.

Contact us today to book Mooncottages | Waves DR? I did. I loved it. Or … why not JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.  There’s no better place to be in love and relax.

Why Kite Surf in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Why Kite Surf in Cabarete?

The answer is simple. It’s because the wind and waves are the best in the world. It’s like the Waikiki of the Caribbean, and the location is justifiably famous for its remarkably consistent conditions. The Cabarete beaches boast constant strong breezes and high surf conditions. Perfect for this exciting sport. On any given day, you can visit those same beaches and experience a dazzling visual display of kite surfers who fly upon the wings of the wind.

Or better yet take flight yourself. You can choose from a variety of areas with distinct wind and surf characteristics. You can visit Beun Hombre, a “secret place” almost 2 km long with flat turquoise waters. Or go to La Boca. This location is a well-liked place for freestylers. Of course, everybody loves Cabarete’s Kite Beach, world-famous for its strong winds and waves. Other well-known locales include Chaparral, El Canal, Encuentro, and Bozo Beach. So many choices for thrilling Kite Surfing adventures.

How can I learn to Kite Surf in Cabarete?

Easy. At last count, there were 21 Kite Schools in Cabarete ready to turn you into a kitesurfer. How? Well, most importantly, let me talk about the specialized teachers at these schools. They are passionate International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instructors working with trained assistants. They follow a recognized and approved step-by-step teaching curriculum that focuses on required skills and staying safe during your training, first takeoff, flight, and landing. Former students on TripAdvisor give high praise to the many professional, patient and, inspiring teachers in the DR that have taught them this exciting new sport.

All you have to do is bring your bathing suit because all your lessons include the required kitesurfing equipment and safety gear. You can have private lessons, semi-private lessons, or join group lessons. There are even classes for children. Many schools have instructors who speak English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and many more languages. So you probably will find classes conducted in your very own native tongue.

Here are just three schools for your consideration.

  • GoKite Cabarete Kiteboarding School is a Dominican owned and operated Kite School founded by CEO Richard Diaz.
  • Laurel Eastman, a former professional kiteboarding freestyle competitor, operates the Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School.
  • KiteClub offers both beginner lessons and IKO Master Clinics for advanced kitesurfers.

Is KiteBoarding Dangerous?

 Yes, it can be. However, with seven injuries per 1,000 hours of physical activity, kiteboarding appears listed as relatively safe, especially when compared to mainstream sports. Still, it is considered an extreme water-sport, and you must practice safety first. Choose certified Kiteboarding instructors that will teach internationally recognized best-practices to avoid any potential risks for bodily harm. The thrills will follow.

Where do I stay when I want to Kite Surf?

 Why not stay on Kite Beach with a beach getaway from Mooncottages | Waves DR? I did. I loved it. Or … why not JOIN OUR MAILING LIST

Beach Vacations for Singles Offer More Here

Beach vacations for singles offer more of everything in the Dominican Republic — especially fun! And our little town of Cabarete was named the top singles spot in the Dominican Republic. All you could ever want in a sensual island getaway.  And Mooncottages | Waves DR private all-inclusive vacations are more fun and more special for so many very special reasons. Like our VIP service, private chef, open bar, and the fact that the Dominican Republic is one of the most idyllic paradises in the Caribbean. In fact, Mooncottages are specialists in MORE FUN in the Caribbean for over 15 years.

ATV Jungle Ride - Dominican Republic

ATV Jungle Ride – Dominican Republic

Why do singles have more fun in the Dominican Republic? 

I personally have traveled 6 million miles in my lifetime and I’m not that old. So for the record that’s roughly 2 years in a jet 24X7. So, as you can imagine I’ve become a bit fussy in the way I like to travel. So here’s why I would recommend the Dominican Republic for singles. Let’s rank the reasons in no particular order of importance. I prefer traveling the world in the way I prefer to experience it. (And I’ll bet you are the same way if you are looking for VIP all-inclusive singles vacation in the Dominican Republic.)

  1. It’s free and open here. The singles scene is not unlike Amsterdam in many ways.
  2. Europeans vacation here regularly–so the vibe can vary from Euro to Island.
  3. The breezes are the best in the world. World champion kite surfers come to our Kite Beach.
  4. The food is amazing. You have probably forgotten how tasty real fresh fruits and vegetables can be.
  5. The people here are kind and beautiful in every way and have especially amazing smiles.
  6. The variety of things you can do here is limitless. I jumped from a waterfall and lived.
  7. Horseback ride on the beach.  Zipline from a mountaintop. Or have a cocktail in the sand.
  8. Go dancing ’til dawn and learn to Latin Dance – Bachata, Merengue, Salsa
Beachfront Jucuzzi - Villa Azul | Mooncottages | Waves DR

Beachfront Jacuzzi – Villa Azul

OK — 8 reasons is enough why Dominican Republic singles are MORE FUN for now. I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest and write more later.

Come Here. All Private. All-inclusive beach getaways in the Dominican Republic. You’ll never regret it.

Private All-inclusive Vacations Rock

Why do private all-inclusive vacations rock here?

Because private is “private.” Our vacations are cozier than those big resorts and ideal for those who like to enjoy the company of only their partner or another couple or two with all of the VIP benefits. Like having anything and everything you want whenever you want it. Sunset in Cabarete – Right on the Beach.

Sunset in Cabarete

Imagine yourself in this picture.

Well, it’s right here for you. There’s never a crowd on our Cabarete beaches. In the morning you can have an amazing walk. Our beautiful locals and vacationers love to beach comb and get lost in the constancy of the waves. Then the restaurant /bar beach scene picks up in the afternoon and is fun and colorful until late evening

From the moment you arrive here, your private all-inclusive vacation experience will fulfill your every wish from beginning to end. Mooncottages | Waves DR has been creating magical experiences in the US Virgin Islands for 15 years. Mooncottages now offer all-inclusive getaways that are true VIP experiences.

Why settle for a giant resort? Go VIP!

Here you’ll enjoy a beachfront accommodation that is steps from the waves. A customized breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus unlimited libations served up by your own personal Butler/Bartender. Your Private Chef is also eager to prepare the tastiest meals you’ve ever experienced. (Yes, they take requests.)

Also, the many activities and excursions here in the beautiful Dominican Republic are limitless. From all-terrain-vehicle riding to swimming in underground caves to Ziplining across mountain tops. There is ALWAYS something exciting to do in the Dominican Republic. And your Mooncottages | Waves concierge will set up all of the details for you in advance to enjoy.

It’s all about you!

But what really makes private all-inclusive vacations rock here in the Dominican Republic is that it’s all about YOU. You can customize your vacation in any way you choose. Want to stay close to the pool and the beach?  So be it. Or, jump into your private driver’s vehicle and shoot over to a magnificent beach like Playa Grande for a delicious seafood lunch.

Mooncottages | Waves DR all-inclusive vacation getaways. Experience something better because it’s just for you in every way.

Dominican Republic People Are Beautiful

Dominican Republic People are beautiful in so many ways. When you experience a Mooncottages | Waves DR beach getaway you will enjoy mingling with the locals and ex-pats here. The people of the Dominican Republic are known for their warmth and beauty inside and out. Life is more simple here. Their pace slower. Their food is very tasty. So many places to visit and so many people to meet.

Cabarete | Amazing Little Beach Village

The little beach town of Cabarete RD (Republica Dominica) is a beach town filled with Dominicans and ex-patriots from around the world. Many Europeans travel here on holiday as well as our American tourists. Waves DR specializes in private all-inclusive smaller getaways tailored for the VIP traveler who wants everything taken care of. Our meals are prepared just for you and if you’d like to take an excursion, our concierge can help you find the perfect adventure. From horseback riding on the beach to ATV adventures to Cave diving to Golf to exciting discos. Just ask us what you are looking for or what you want to do and we’ll be glad to help.

Enjoy the many people and sites of the Dominican Republic with a home base right on the beach here at Mooncottages | Waves DR … right on the beach.

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