Five Great Reasons to Stay at Mooncottage Villa

Mooncottages Romantic Caribbean Villas

Mooncottages Romantic Caribbean Villas are in a class by themselves. We specialize in smaller, uniquely handmade properties that are perfect for Couples and small family groups.  Mooncottage is our Flagship Villa … Save $500-1000 on 4 selected St. John Villas for 1 week stays from now until November 8th 2016.

1. Romantic St. John Villa Perfect for Couples
Designed to incite romance at every glance, Mooncottage’s attention to detail has guests routinely referring to it as “Simply Perfect.” Mooncottage is a romantic St. John villa unlike any other. Perfect for two people wanting to enjoy each other on a Caribbean villas vacation.

2. Caribbean Villa with Astonishing Panoramic Views
When you arrive at Mooncottage, you will simply not believe your eyes—St. John rental companies often refer to Mooncottage’s sweeping down-island views as the benchmark view for Virgin Islands 5-star ocean vistas.  Moooncottages Caribbean villa view will take your breath away.

3. Secluded Romantic Getaway Feels Just Right
Unlike staying at a larger luxury Caribbean villa rental on St. John, you will never feel lost at this secluded romantic getaway, inside or out. Designed to reflect simple Virgin Islands life in an elegant way—it feels just right. And you’ll feel right at home at our private St. John getaway.

4. Oh! So Very Private and Secluded Luxury Caribbean Villa
Mooncottage is located in a very secluded locale—with almost no neighbors. Just minutes from the sleepy little village of Coral Bay, this secluded luxury Caribbean villa and cozy Cottage in one has been rated one of the “10 great romantic destinations” of the world.

5. St. John Cottage with Zen Ambiance & Close to Beaches
Mooncottage is a St. John Cottage with a magical and spiritual look and feel–all part of its unique Zen-Caribbean design. You are never more than a few minutes from the best beaches on St. John, but you may never want to leave this magical St. John cottage.

What Does A Luxury Vacation Mean?


Luxury is derived from the Latin word luxuria, meaning great comfort. When you head out on a romantic getaway, that’s what you want­ comfort and class. When you read about luxury vacation villas on St. John, you probably have a picture in your mind. Life seems easier when it’s in the hands of luxury. Things are taken care of for you and there’s not a lot to worry about. You feel extra special when you’re staying in a place of luxury.

If you head out on a vacation with your lover, you’ll want to experience luxury and comfort without the worries of everyday life. That’s what we’ll do for you here in our villas on St. John. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, or longer, everything you’ll need during your stay will be available to you at our villas!

With sweeping views and a beautiful place to stay, all you’ll need to bring with you is the romance!

Everything that you’ll need to relax and reconnect with your significant other is here!

The next time you take a vacation with your significant other, make sure you do as the Romans did and include luxuria in every aspect of your romantic getaway!

Why You Should Take An Anniversary Trip

Your wedding day or the day you met your significant other was one to remember. Whatever dates that you consider a milestone, you should celebrate. A great way to do this is by reconnecting on a romantic getaway. We’re hoping that you’ll take a trip to our romantic villas in St. John for your anniversary, but if you need some convincing, we’re here to help you see why an anniversary trip to celebrate with your spouse is very necessary.

We Should Celebrate More Things In Life

There’re so many heavy things that we have to deal with in life. Why not take the time to let loose and enjoy the good things? We should be celebrating every chance that we get in life! Remember all of the happy times and recreate them!

Your Anniversary Is The Day That Brought You Together

There’s a reason that anniversaries are a big deal. This is, in fact, the day that brought you together. If it’s a wedding anniversary, it’s quite a day to celebrate. Wedding planning isn’t easy, and no matter how long you’ve been married, you’re probably still exhausted from planning your wedding!

You’ll See Things In A Positive Way

While day-to-day life gets exhausting sometimes, we can forget all of the good things from the past. Celebrating anniversaries helps you to look back on your relationship with your lover and think of all the good things you have accomplished and done together.

Book An Anniversary Trip

Whether you’re surprising your spouse with a weekend getaway, or planning your anniversary trip together, Mooncottages are here to help you explore St. John in the most romantic way possible.

Is Travel The Ultimate Way To Turn Up The Romance?

balboa-mooncottageAn article in Psychology Today breaks down whether or not travel is indeed the ultimate aphrodisiac. According to science, it can be! Mooncottages believe that it truly is. Travel awakens so many of the senses that we aren’t using on a daily basis. There’s something about new places and adventure that helps us to grow as people. Why wouldn’t travel help your romance to grow as well?

One study cited in the Psychology Today article states that couples tend to see an increase in arguing before they leave for vacation. The arguing subsides once they get there. It’s quite a phenomenon how many couples get along better on vacation! Too bad it’s not permanent!

There’re so many great things about vacations such as:

● You break out of your daily routines

● Travel helps conflicts

● It gives an opportunity to discuss life decisions

● Travel inspires change

There’s something about being away that makes you feel freer and encourages positive changes. Some people are inspired to work out and get healthier after they’re on vacation. Others want to reconnect and repair their relationship with their partner. The key is being in a different environment and breaking free from routines.

Many times, these changes can take place after the vacation takes place. Forget oysters and wine. We think that a romantic getaway in St. John is the perfect way to spark the romance in your relationship. We promise that you’ll be feeling great with your partner in one of our romantic villas on St. John!

How To Have A Romantic Getaway When You Have Kids

Papaya-mooncottageIt’s important to your relationship to have a romantic getaway even when you have kids. So what is a couple to do when they crave a vacation and can’t find a sitter? They bring the kids along with them of course! You may be wondering how you could have a romantic getaway in St. John when the whole family needs to join in, but it’s possible. Here, we’ll give you some tips to make sure that your vacation is romantic even when you’re traveling with the kids.

Remember Your Wants

Our villas in St. John are so romantic, you may not care if you have the kids with you or not! One of the best ways to make sure you have a successful romantic getaway is to do some of the things that you and your partner want to do. Whether you hope to go sailing or take walks on the beach, find ways to do what you wish on your trip. You’ll need to cater to your children, of course, but make time for the things you crave as well.

Connect With Your Kids

It’s a great feeling to see your partner connect with the kids on a different level. It can bring your family together as well as you and your partner when you have time to be together. The family that plays together, stays together!

Our beautiful St. John villas are perfect for the getaway that you deserve. Once you see the view, you’ll know that your vacation is money well spent! Book your romantic villa today!

How To Keep The Romance Going After Your Vacation Ends


After you have embarked on a romantic Caribbean getaway, one of your wishes may be to keep the romance alive when you get back home. There’s always ways that you can achieve this goal with a little creativity. Here are some ideas to help you be romantic even if you’re not vacationing on St. John.

Don’t Just Keep Vacation Activities For Vacation

If you do things that you enjoy while you’re on vacation, why should you keep those activities just for vacation? When you enjoy taking a hike or sailing along the water, you should try to continue to do those activities once you get back home.

Keep Communicating

When you are vacationing as a couple, you tend to communicate in an easier, more flowing manner. Since everything is more relaxed, so is the way you communicate. Try to keep that going when you’re back in the “real” world for a happier relationship.

Explore Uncharted Parts Of Your Area

One of the best parts of vacation is that of trying new things. Don’t stop trying new things just because you’re back in familiar territory. Keep the excitement going and find new and exciting things that you’d like to try in your area. This can help you to keep the good going when you’re back home.

Mooncottages are the perfect romantic getaway in St. John. Explore the Caribbean like you never have before and enjoy the wonders of St. John with your significant other. Maybe your trip will even give you some fun ideas to try once you get back home!