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Romantic Getaways at Last

ST John Romantic Getaways: “Here at Last”

“I liked that one the best of all,” he says of her swimsuit, slowly raising an eyebrow above the rim of his sun-glinted shades. She smiles, and glides catlike onto the beach towel beside him. She’d bought the two-piece showstopper only a few days before they’d left for St John and the beach vacation of… Read more »

Calabash Road Construction 1

ST John Villas Road Gets Facelift

ST John Villas need nice roads to make life easier … but, on some parts of our lovely island still, the VI Territorial Government has never met their commitment to pave. In our case in Calabash Boom, many of our former guests have nothing but praise about our romantic Couples Getaways villas like Mooncottage and… Read more »

Romantic Getaways Toes in the Sand

5 Warnings About Romantic Getaways in ST John

Before you consider coming to the Virgin Islands and staying at one of our romantic getaways villas, there are a few important things you should consider. Please read the following so that you can reduce surprises and more accurately manage your expectations: Your Sense of Time Will Change.The slow-moving clouds and laid-back atmosphere will make… Read more »

Pools at Luxury Caribbean Villas are Sublime

Luxury Caribbean Villas & Learning to Swim

Should You Learn to Swim before Arriving? Whether splashing in the pools at our Mooncottages Luxury Caribbean Villas or enjoying unlimited activities in the ocean, people come for the water. One of the major attraction for people visiting the Virgin Islands, is surely the water. But if you’re a person who doesn’t know how to swim,… Read more »