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Other villas all over the Caribbean that make the grade for romantic vacations.

Romantic getaways in the Caribbean

St John Reopens to Tourism

Consider Traveling to a Private Luxury Villa for Vacation From all we’ve seen, traveling to a smaller-sized vacation destination is safer in these turbulent times.  And, as St John reopens to tourism as of June 1st, 2020, I am reminded of a John Muir quote: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play… Read more »

How To Unplug On A Romantic Getaway

A big part of a romantic getaway is actually unplugging, de-stressing and relaxing. It doesn’t matter so much where you do it but how you do it! How can we completely detach for a bit when life gets in the way? It’s not easy, but there is certain things that can help you to make… Read more »

Why Being Near The Ocean Is So Special

There aren’t many people who you will meet that dislike the ocean. The ocean is lovely! Being near the ocean is lovely too. It’s a peaceful place that keeps us in the moment and helps us to forget about our troubles. Why wouldn’t you want to be near the ocean? That is the real question!… Read more »

The Packing List You Need For Romance

When you’re planning a romantic Caribbean getaway, there’s plenty of excitement on your mind. It’s a fantastic feeling to get away with the one you love. In addition to all of the plans that you have in your mind, you’ll need to make sure you secure your luggage stocked with all of the tools that… Read more »

What Does A Luxury Vacation Mean?

Luxury is derived from the Latin word luxuria, meaning great comfort. When you head out on a romantic getaway, that’s what you want­ comfort and class. When you read about luxury vacation villas on St. John, you probably have a picture in your mind. Life seems easier when it’s in the hands of luxury. Things… Read more »

Why You Should Take An Anniversary Trip

Your wedding day or the day you met your significant other was one to remember. Whatever dates that you consider a milestone, you should celebrate. A great way to do this is by reconnecting on a romantic getaway. We’re hoping that you’ll take a trip to our romantic villas in St. John for your anniversary,… Read more »

Is Travel The Ultimate Way To Turn Up The Romance?

An article in Psychology Today breaks down whether or not travel is indeed the ultimate aphrodisiac. According to science, it can be! Mooncottages believe that it truly is. Travel awakens so many of the senses that we aren’t using on a daily basis. There’s something about new places and adventure that helps us to grow as… Read more »

How To Have A Romantic Getaway When You Have Kids

It’s important to your relationship to have a romantic getaway even when you have kids. So what is a couple to do when they crave a vacation and can’t find a sitter? They bring the kids along with them of course! You may be wondering how you could have a romantic getaway in St. John… Read more »

How To Keep The Romance Going After Your Vacation Ends

After you have embarked on a romantic Caribbean getaway, one of your wishes may be to keep the romance alive when you get back home. There’s always ways that you can achieve this goal with a little creativity. Here are some ideas to help you be romantic even if you’re not vacationing on St. John…. Read more »