Choosing Mooncottage for 25th Anniversary | Seven Special Reasons

There are so many special reasons why choosing Mooncottage for your 25th Anniversary is so special. But we’ve narrowed it down to (7) seven. In our 15 years of business, far and away from the most often booked couples’ vacations are those on an anniversary. And, more often than not it’s a SILVER anniversary. Congratulations!

We’ve mentioned for years the 5 reasons that make Mooncottage so special

Ridiculously Romantic, Spectacular Ocean Views, Just Feels Right, Oh! So Very Private, Magical Ambiance.

But, now we’re going to give you 7 NEW reasons why Mooncottage is so perfect for Anniversaries — Silver Anniversaries in particular.

1. Tranquility

Choosing Mooncottage for your 25th Anniversary reflects so many aspects of a long-lasting relationship. For a couple to stay together for this many years takes work … and many other things.  A loving and lasting relationship also takes a tranquil spirit. One that can adapt. Roll with the changes. Pick up where you left off–and begin again. What makes Mooncottage so special, is that we are attuned to nature. Nature is adaptable, rolls with changes, and can begin again when trouble comes ’round. You can feel how the structure and the surroundings blend together in perfect harmony here to create tranquility.

2. Beauty

My parents were married for 58 years. It astounds me to this day how they could do that. Well, one reason was because of beauty. My parents thought one another the most beautiful human on the planet. (And, they were pretty cute admittedly ). But, they told each other that regularly until the day they died. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course. But, we can promise you how beautiful Mooncottage is on the outside and inside …. for you.

Mom and Dad Early 1940's

Mom and Dad Early 1940’s

3. Intimate

This word can mean many things to many people. But in our case, it means, “cozy.” You will never be too far away from one another–nor too close if you need some space.  There isn’t one square foot of this exquisite property that doesn’t “make sense.” Not a single place that has no meaning. Because every piece of architecture, or casual object you see, is not casual at all. EVERYthing at Mooncottage has meaning and a story. Nothing is arbitrary. And, isn’t that what intimacy really should be all about?

4. Magical Ambiance

Ok, we said this before in the first 5 reasons, but it simply can’t be described how magical a place this place really is. The magic here is not an illusion. The magic here is real. Because the magic of love is not an illusion either. And, the authenticity of that is palpable here. “Be not ‘afeard. The isle is full of noises. Sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.” — William Shakespeare

5. Conducive to Romance

From the perfectly tuned wind chimes to the 4-poster teak bed. From the panoramic million-star view to the carefully laid coral stone flooring. In the evening lighting inside is seen from the pool outside. This place says … “Romance, come to me.”

6. Designed for Amor

Everything in the design and site selection of Mooncottage which began in 1998 began with a Design for Love. I traveled to Jamaica when I was in my 20’s and visited Noel Coward’s house, Firefly, on top of a mountain overlooking “Little Bay.” (Pronounced Lickel Bay with a Jamaican lilt)  And, I was smoked. I KNEW that I had to build something like this someday. And when I climbed that big tree looking for my perfect spot on St. John for Mooncottage, I saw that view in which I fell in LOVE and designed a villa to try to complement the view’s perfection. But, it was always designed to be shared with someone you have a great love for.  You’ll see why.

7. Private

Privacy is key. For 15 years, potential guests ask me without fail 2 questions: #1 “How far is it to the beach?  (not far) But hearing this for 15 years was the inspiration for us to create WavesDR Beach Getaways in the Dominican Republic.  #2 question is usually asked with a shy clearing of the throat, “Ahh, just how private are you … I mean, like at the pool?” My answer invariably is that swimsuits are illegal and irrelevant here. That’s how private it is. Choosing Mooncottage for your 25th Anniversary is a decision you will never regret.

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St John Reopens to Tourism

Consider Traveling to a Private Luxury Villa for Vacation

From all we’ve seen, traveling to a smaller-sized vacation destination is safer in these turbulent times.  And, as St John reopens to tourism as of June 1st, 2020, I am reminded of a John Muir quote:

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”  

Who is John Muir?

Muir was a famous 19th-century naturalist. He was an early advocate for the preservation of America’s wilderness and the healing power of nature. He helped preserve Yosemite Valley and the Sequoia National Park. And of course, Muir Woods. On May 19, 1945, more than 500 United Nations delegates came from the first U.N. peace conference in San Francisco to gather at Muir Woods National Monument where the first meeting of the United Nations occurred.

Had Mr. Muir ever visited St John, he surely would have recognized the island’s natural beauty as a source of strength and healing power of nature.

John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt

John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt

Who is Laurance Rockefeller?

Indeed, Laurance Rockefeller, the philanthropist, at first sight, thought St. John the most beautiful place in the world. So much so was his belief in St John’s idyllic beauty, he dedicated himself to creating the Virgin Island National Park. Because of Mr. Rockefeller’s vision and generosity nearly 60% of St John Island’s natural beauty is preserved for all to marvel at in perpetuity.

Laurance Rockefeller in St John USVI

Laurance Rockefeller in St John USVI

Behold a touch of a rainbow over Coral Bay from Mooncottage.

St. John Rainbows are awesome at

Consider our Simple Proposal for Health

We know one thing for sure. Our villa guests are some of the most experienced and sophisticated travelers in the world. For instance, they know their desire to get away has never been greater. They also know, in that desire to get away, is an essential message about their self-care. So, as St John reopens to tourism we offer a simple proposal for your consideration. Choose to visit St John now and you’ll discover our private villas are surrounded by indescribable natural beauty. As a result, they can be your starting point for rest and healthy self-renewal during these trying times of the past few months.

Thoughts on St John Reopening for Tourism

Your safety and health is our highest priority. We opened on June 1st, 2020 and our Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr. is saying the following, “I must note though that so far we have only had three tourists that have tested positive for the virus since June 1, 2020, when we opened.” Yet, Bryan said greater screening measures go into effect Monday, July 13, for passengers “originating” in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. As a result, we know your continuing good health in these turbulent times is now an essential consideration in your decision about where, when, and how to travel. However, if you believe you are confident in your ability to keep you and your family safe when traveling, we think there are extremely good reasons for choosing St John as your next vacation getaway.  So, no matter your decision please know this. Whether you decide to visit now or soon, we would be thrilled to welcome you to our private villas.

Take Advantage of  The Healing Power of Nature

Spending time enveloped in nature is responsible for many scientifically proven, measurable beneficial changes in the body. In short, you will experience the healing power of nature. For example, stress reduction is just one such critical benefit. Far from the maddening crowds, imagine the approach of your first St John evening. Embrace the peacefulness and serenity you’ll feel at the extraordinary beauty of the sunset over Coral Bay. I suspect your heart rate will slow. This St John nightfall is filled with soothing natural sounds and sweet delightful breezes. In our secluded and tranquil villa, a night of deep sleep awaits you. Under a thousand million stars, surrounded by lush verdant greenery, your mind and body will begin their desired restoration.

Discover Wonder, Delight, and Awe in St John

Upon awakening, the panoramic St John views will dazzle your senses: the prominence of mountains, the expanse of the Caribbean Sea, and the unfolding life of a flower. You’ll experience wonder and delight in this encounter. Moreover, you will be awestruck by the beauty that surrounds you. Most importantly, the good you will feel is simply unavoidable. Why you ask? Perhaps, because at this moment you feel completely connected to the entire world. Shakespeare wrote, “one touch of nature makes the world kin.” (this is not a typo … kin in this case means “family.”