How To Unplug On A Romantic Getaway


A big part of a romantic getaway is actually unplugging, de-stressing and relaxing. It doesn’t matter so much where you do it but how you do it!

How can we completely detach for a bit when life gets in the way? It’s not easy, but there is certain things that can help you to make your vacation a time that’s stress-free. Some of these tips can actually help your new mindset last far beyond the time your vacation is over!

Plan Ahead At Work

When you know you’re heading to St. John, let’s say, on a romantic getaway, plan ahead at work! Make sure you have someone to cover you while you’re away. You don’t want more stress than before you left for your trip. If you know things will be taken care of while you’re gone, part of the stress battle has been won and you can have a relaxing vacation.

Remember That You Need Vacations

We need breaks to help us feel relaxed and make us feel happy. Without vacation, where would we be? In order to recharge our bodies, vacations are vital!

Don’t Put Pressure On The Vacation

Don’t feel that you need to do anything at all while you’re on vacation. Spending your vacations running from here to there is what causes much more stress!

Find A Romantic Villa

Our romantic Mooncottage villas here on St. John is the perfect place to relax, unplug and rewind. We know you deserve a vacation and we happen to think St. John is the perfect place for one!

Why Being Near The Ocean Is So Special

st-john-villa-mooncottageThere aren’t many people who you will meet that dislike the ocean. The ocean is lovely! Being near the ocean is lovely too. It’s a peaceful place that keeps us in the moment and helps us to forget about our troubles. Why wouldn’t you want to be near the ocean? That is the real question!

Studies have shown that the presence of water actually enhances a mindful state. Something this powerful can really change your entire outlook on life. While meditation has become the focus of bettering our lives in recent times, the key to peace has been on the shore the entire time!

All of this makes the ocean the perfect place to reconnect with your lover and de-stress at the same time. On St. John, you can reconnect with more than nature. Here, you’ll reconnect with yourself and your lover. Our goal is for you to leave St. John with a renewed spirit, a renewed sense of self and a rekindled romance!

Mooncottages on St. John is the place for both a relaxing and a romantic getaway. Your mind and body will thank you for the rejuvenating time that you spend here right by the ocean in our romantic villas.