Beach Vacations for Singles | Dominican Republic

Beach vacations for singles in the Dominican Republic offer more of everything–especially fun! And our little town of Cabarete was named the top singles spot in the Dominican Republic. All you could ever want in a sensual island getaway.  And Mooncottages | Waves DR private all-inclusive vacations are more fun and more special for so many very special reasons. Like our VIP service, private chef, open bar, and the fact that the Dominican Republic is one of the most idyllic paradises in the Caribbean. In fact, Mooncottages are specialists in MORE FUN in the Caribbean for over 15 years.

ATV Jungle Ride - Dominican Republic

ATV Jungle Ride – Dominican Republic

Why do singles have more fun in the Dominican Republic? 

I personally have traveled 6 million miles in my lifetime and I’m not that old. So for the record that’s roughly 2 years in a jet 24X7. So, as you can imagine I’ve become a bit fussy in the way I like to travel. So here’s why I would recommend the Dominican Republic for singles. Let’s rank the reasons in no particular order of importance. I prefer traveling the world in the way I prefer to experience it. (And I’ll bet you are the same way if you are looking for VIP all-inclusive singles vacation in the Dominican Republic.)

  1. It’s free and open here. The singles scene is not unlike Amsterdam in many ways.
  2. Europeans vacation here regularly–so the vibe can vary from Euro to Island.
  3. The breezes are the best in the world. World champion kite surfers come to our Kite Beach.
  4. The food is amazing. You have probably forgotten how tasty real fresh fruits and vegetables can be.
  5. The people here are kind and beautiful in every way and have especially amazing smiles.
  6. The variety of things you can do here is limitless. I jumped from a waterfall and lived.
  7. Horseback ride on the beach.  Zipline from a mountaintop. Or have a cocktail in the sand.
  8. Go dancing ’til dawn and learn to Latin Dance – Bachata, Merengue, Salsa
Beachfront Jucuzzi - Villa Azul | Mooncottages | Waves DR

Beachfront Jacuzzi – Villa Azul

OK — 8 reasons is enough why Dominican Republic singles are MORE FUN for now. I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest and write more later.

Come Here. All Private. All-inclusive beach getaways in the Dominican Republic. You’ll never regret it.