Unforgettable Family Vacations in the Dominican Republic

Unforgettable Family Vacations Made Easy

In the Dominican Republic, unforgettable family vacations or You’ll find the best adventures and most relaxing times for your entire family.

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See How Close the Beach Is 

Spectacular, family vacation adventure getaway in the Dominican Republic you’ll never forget. Relax and play on world-famous pristine beaches. Swim in stunning turquoise waters. Learn Kite Surfing from experts. Guide your ATV through the island’s unmatched lush interior and meet local residents. Cavort with trained dolphins. Explore exotic caves with mysterious underwater pools where pirates once hid. Raft down mighty rivers through stunning, high canyon-walls. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll find everything you need. Most importantly, you’ll build family memories that will last a lifetime. Oh, the places you’ll go! The adventures you’ll have! The stories you’ll tell!

Parque Ecolologico Historico Cuevas - Dominican Republic

Parque Ecolologico Historico Cuevas

Book an ATV Tour

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, please. Don’t forget to buckle up. Road Trip! In your all-terrain vehicle, you and your family are about to explore the scenic back roads of the Dominican Republic. Behold extraordinary close-up views of untouched natural beauty. You’ll see rugged highlands and mountains everywhere you look. You may even see a wild turkey or two. During Off-Road excursions, you’ll discover rivers, secluded beaches, and stop to swim. Congratulations. You’ve seen places you’ve never seen before.

Swim with Dolphins

If you love close encounters of the wildlife kind, visit Ocean World. You will meet remarkable sea creatures face to face. Ocean World provides dolphin, sea lion, and friendly shark “encounters.” Imagine your entire family swimming, hugging, petting, feeding, and kissing (optional), the sea creature of your choice. An unforgettable once in a lifetime experience awaits your family at Ocean World.

Raft in Jarabocoa

Setting off from Jarabocao into the white water of the Rio Yague del Northe Rivers is pure adventure. For the thrill-seekers in your family, speeding down rip-roaring rapids is a definite thrill. However, in some cases, due to safety concerns, age restrictions will apply. As a testament to just how exotic the area is, parts of Jurassic Park were filmed in this location. You’ll see why yourself. Remarkable scenery abounds. There are cascading waterfalls, thousands of lush ferns, valleys, and gorges. A full day raft trip is the best way to go.

Swim, Surf and More

If your family loves water sports, you’ll fall in love with the world-famous, beautiful Cabarete beaches. Here, you can swim, surf, kayak, paddleboard, bodysurf, kitesurf, and snorkel. You’ll also find always other fun things to do at Bozo Beach, Punta Goleta, Encuentro, Kite Beach, and Cabarete Beach. Or visit other beaches. Playa Diamante, for instance, is excellent for smaller children. It has calm, shallow waters and only a few waves. Of course, always follow water safety rules.

Kite Beach Cabarete DR

Kite Beach Cabarete DR

Other Reasons Your Family Needs a Vacation

Just in case that special someone needs convincing, here are a few additional reasons to choose the Dominican Republic for your family vacation.

  • Vacations can reduce stress for the entire family, especially parents. Imagine your first day on our beaches as you watch a sunrise. The sight will fill you with awe and calm.
  • Travel provides plenty of time for families to spend together. Exploring caverns, swimming with dolphins gives you a chance to enjoy each other’s company.
  • A vacation makes your kid smarter. Wow. Child psychiatrist Margot Sunderland says family vacations that provide children with rich learning environments give them new social, physical, cognitive, and sensory experiences. So when parents spend time with their kids exploring the Dominican Republic on an ATV, the experience makes them smarter.

Where do I stay when I vacation in the Dominican Republic?

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