How To Have A Romantic Getaway When You Have Kids

Papaya-mooncottageIt’s important to your relationship to have a romantic getaway even when you have kids. So what is a couple to do when they crave a vacation and can’t find a sitter? They bring the kids along with them of course! You may be wondering how you could have a romantic getaway in St. John when the whole family needs to join in, but it’s possible. Here, we’ll give you some tips to make sure that your vacation is romantic even when you’re traveling with the kids.

Remember Your Wants

Our villas in St. John are so romantic, you may not care if you have the kids with you or not! One of the best ways to make sure you have a successful romantic getaway is to do some of the things that you and your partner want to do. Whether you hope to go sailing or take walks on the beach, find ways to do what you wish on your trip. You’ll need to cater to your children, of course, but make time for the things you crave as well.

Connect With Your Kids

It’s a great feeling to see your partner connect with the kids on a different level. It can bring your family together as well as you and your partner when you have time to be together. The family that plays together, stays together!

Our beautiful St. John villas are perfect for the getaway that you deserve. Once you see the view, you’ll know that your vacation is money well spent! Book your romantic villa today!