Is Travel The Ultimate Way To Turn Up The Romance?

balboa-mooncottageAn article in Psychology Today breaks down whether or not travel is indeed the ultimate aphrodisiac. According to science, it can be! Mooncottages believe that it truly is. Travel awakens so many of the senses that we aren’t using on a daily basis. There’s something about new places and adventure that helps us to grow as people. Why wouldn’t travel help your romance to grow as well?

One study cited in the Psychology Today article states that couples tend to see an increase in arguing before they leave for vacation. The arguing subsides once they get there. It’s quite a phenomenon how many couples get along better on vacation! Too bad it’s not permanent!

There’re so many great things about vacations such as:

● You break out of your daily routines

● Travel helps conflicts

● It gives an opportunity to discuss life decisions

● Travel inspires change

There’s something about being away that makes you feel freer and encourages positive changes. Some people are inspired to work out and get healthier after they’re on vacation. Others want to reconnect and repair their relationship with their partner. The key is being in a different environment and breaking free from routines.

Many times, these changes can take place after the vacation takes place. Forget oysters and wine. We think that a romantic getaway in St. John is the perfect way to spark the romance in your relationship. We promise that you’ll be feeling great with your partner in one of our romantic villas on St. John!