Luxury Caribbean Villas & Learning to Swim

Should You Learn to Swim before Arriving?

Whether splashing in the pools at our Mooncottages Luxury Caribbean Villas or enjoying unlimited activities in the ocean, people come for the water. One of the major attraction for people visiting the Virgin Islands, is surely the water. But if you’re a person who doesn’t know how to swim, aquatic enticements sink fast.  There are endless amazing beaches both large and small, shallow and challenging to enjoy. I mean just look at this inviting shot below. It just draws you into it’s watery warmth. And, there is nothing more erotic than swimming alone on a deserted beach with the one you love.

Francis Bay : Coral Bay, St. John

Francis Bay : Coral Bay, St. John

Although there are endless things to do in the Virgin Islands that don’t require getting wet, being able to swim greatly expands your recreation options. Therefore, why not learn to swim … and learn it well enough so that, by the time you arrive you’re ready for the water? Swimming lessons are available in almost every town or city, at community pools and fitness centers. Plan your lessons as far in advance of your trip as possible, so you have plenty of time to learn and practice. If you have fears or phobias about swimming, consider hiring an experienced private instructor. A pre-screening will help determine if his or her teaching style suits your comfort level. For those fearful of the water, patience is a swimming instructor’s most important attribute.

Think of all of the great reasons to learn to swim:

Health. Swimming offers a very effective workout. It utilizes and tones the major muscle groups, burns calories, and can be beneficial for people of any age or weight.

Self Confidence. It feels good to develop any new skill, but swimming enhances your capacity for survival. Knowing you could take care of yourself enables you to feel safer in the water as well as aboard a boat of any size.

Safety. Knowing how to swim is a life skill that could one day save your life or the lives of others.

Fun. Once you learn to swim you can explore snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, and swimming with dolphins, or take full advantage of your local water park.

Romance. You can slip outside to join your partner for a spontaneous, moonlit, midnight swim at your private romantic luxury caribbean villa. (We saved the best for last!)

Come swim with us at any of our incredible Mooncottages Luxury Caribbean Villas selected exclusively for couples.