Mooncottage Master Woodworker: Stephan

What can we say about Stephan Scholz except that is our favorite St. John master woodworker and friend who is almost singularly responsible t all of the amazing woodwork you will see if you stay at one of our Mooncottages.

Over the last 15 years, Stephan and I have sat back over a cold Becks beer at Mooncottage and waxed poetic about the next cool thing to build and spoke of the little vision I had there and how he could make it come alive with there with wood. We started when it was all just a forest up there. We hiked up to the top through all the “Catch and Keep” and looked at every angle and how the weather would come in and how to make it them most comfortable, simple and trouble free. You’ll enjoy how the sliding doors for example quickly adapt to any weather condition–and the look is fantastic. Just adding to Mooncottage’s romantic ambiance.

Educated as an engineer, he later studied with one of the great cabinet makers in Germany and learned his trade ,.. very well!  Now a St. John resident for many years, he has a long waiting list of customers who want anything from cabinetry to custom woodwork to bowls turned on a lathe. But, in the end he is really an artist and an individual one at that. Stephan always has said, “If it doesn’t last at least 100 years, it isn’t worth the wood.” Look how he man-handles these massive timbers into place by himself with only block and tackle right out of the 15th century. Rock on Stephan.

Stephan Scholz is Mooncottages favorite master woodworker.

Stephan Scholz is Mooncottages favorite master woodworker.

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