STOP Hiking on ST John ‘Cuz Fun is Addictive

You know, when people come to stay at Mooncottages one of the first thing they always ask is where’s the best hiking on ST John. This NOT easy. Because there are so many best places to hike on St. John—because its so available everywhere. But, here is one of the best and one of my favorites. And, you won’t want to stop here as hiking on ST John is amazing–and addictive. You may find yourself scheduling hikes three times a day.

Ram Head Trail, a 2.5 mile hike (round trip) that features gorgeous, changing landscapes and spectacular views of the island’s eastern and southern coasts.

Take the only road through Coral Bay about 2 miles to Salt Pond Bay Beach. Begin your journey at the south end of Salt Pond Bay Beach. The first 0.3 miles is all downhill to the bay, though soon afterward you’ll be ascending into a lovely forested area. Once “out of the woods” you’ll discover a delightful blue cobblestone beach. Pause awhile. Stretch out your hamstrings. And enjoy the view of Rams Head, looming in the distance.

Continue walking 0.25 miles along the rocky shoreline. Along the way, you may notice bold or whimsical arrangements of stones, the handiwork of hikers who passed this way before you. Feel free, likewise, to express yourself in stone, if you are so moved!

The ravines deepen and the winds increase dramatically as you ascend Ram’s Head Point.  If you venture to the cliff edges please watch your step, because you’ll be looking at a 200-foot drop into the sea. The views at the peak are the reason many people come to St. John, again and again.

If you have the energy on your way back, consider going for a swim or snorkeling at Salt Pond Bay Beach, a worthy destination of its own.

Wear hiking shoes. When hiking on ST John, sandals or flip flops will not properly support your hike through the rocky terrain and occasionally steep inclines, nor protect your feet from the profusion of barrel cactus on the rail.

Drink water and use sunscreen. Both are essential in conditions of intense heat and physical exertion. And wear a hat. Stay hydrated!

Hike Ram Head Trail at sunrise or sunset. The early morning is cooler, there will be fewer people on the trail, and the beauty of the light at that time of day defies description. At dusk, bring a flashlight. Watch the stars from the top. Hiking on ST John is not merely addictive … it’s AWESOME.

See you on the trail!