Teahouse Treehouse Villa Rental Time Lapse

Why is a Teahouse Treehouse villa rental morning so nice?

Well. Just take a look at this cool video one of my recent guests. You always have a fresh breeze blowing in your face. (You can see how the clouds move right over the top of you.) But let’s make a shortlist.

  • It’s small and cozy
  • You can cook outdoors and still see THIS view while you cook
  • The night is so peaceful and it’s SO quiet
  • Our hot tub is fantastic and you usually see the moon and the view
  • There are so many fun things to do nearby

What kind of fun things?

Snorkeling is always a great bet. And one of the best places to go is right in front of you on this video. Look at the lowest spot on the video. That is called Haulover. It’s on East End about 10 minutes for the Teahouse Treehouse.

  • Hiking (add more)
  • Shopping (add more)
  • Hanging out and drinking Rum and Cokes (add more)
  • Listening to our local musicians (add more)
  • Sailing (add more)

How do I learn more about Teahouse Treehouse Villa Rentals?