The Packing List You Need For Romance


When you’re planning a romantic Caribbean getaway, there’s plenty of excitement on your mind. It’s a fantastic feeling to get away with the one you love. In addition to all of the plans that you have in your mind, you’ll need to make sure you secure your luggage stocked with all of the tools that you need for romance on your vacation. Mooncottages has your packing list for your romantic getaway to St. John covered! Take a look at all of our suggestions below and be ready for the trip of your life!

Dress Clothes

Your passionate vacation will undoubtedly involve some nice dinners. Locally in Coral Bay, there are 8 great restaurants to choose from. Ms. Lucy’s, Shipwreck Landing, Sweet Plantains, Aqua Bistro, Paradiso Grill, Skinny’s … and more. Or, maybe you’ll go 20 minutes to town for something different. Women should make sure they pack only a light cotton or linen dress and the right shoes. (high heels not necessary, at all) Men should make sure they have what we call “island casual” … nice shorts and a nice shirt to suit the occasion.

Now for the romantic portion of our packing list:

· Massage Oil

· Wine

· Candles

· Lingerie

· Rose petals

· Gifts (If it’s a special occasion)

· Music

· Passion

All of these things can help you to get really creative during your special time together. Staying at Mooncottages in St. John will undoubtedly help you to bring your romantic getaway to a place you thought only existed in your dreams.

What are you waiting for? Book a vacation with your honey today!