What Does A Luxury Vacation Mean?


Luxury is derived from the Latin word luxuria, meaning great comfort. When you head out on a romantic getaway, that’s what you want­ comfort and class. When you read about luxury vacation villas on St. John, you probably have a picture in your mind. Life seems easier when it’s in the hands of luxury. Things are taken care of for you and there’s not a lot to worry about. You feel extra special when you’re staying in a place of luxury.

If you head out on a vacation with your lover, you’ll want to experience luxury and comfort without the worries of everyday life. That’s what we’ll do for you here in our villas on St. John. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, or longer, everything you’ll need during your stay will be available to you at our villas!

With sweeping views and a beautiful place to stay, all you’ll need to bring with you is the romance!

Everything that you’ll need to relax and reconnect with your significant other is here!

The next time you take a vacation with your significant other, make sure you do as the Romans did and include luxuria in every aspect of your romantic getaway!